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Light Layering Charming Japanese Crepe Brooches Colleciton

Light Layering Charming Japanese Crepe Brooches Colleciton

Product code: 402269


¥1,944 (≈ 17.76$)

COLLECTION Limited Collection



Use printed fabric and plain color fabric to create a mix of crepe flower. You will learn 3 basic steps and finish the beautiful brooch. Let's collect more designs and enjoy!

If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

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■Set Content / Material Set(Fabric, glue, accessory parts etc.), manual (With photo of finished product)
■Material / Fabric: Cotton 100%, Cotton 95% & Linen 5%, rayon 100% etc. Accessory parts: Steel (Nickel plated)
■Finished Size / Length about 5~9.5cm,width about 6~8.5cm
※つまみ細工作家 花ちりめん・間彦 由江(まひこ よしえ)さんと一緒に企画しました。
●This product has 12 designs. Product will be delivered one time upon your order. Colour/design will be decided by Felissimo. If you continue ordering after the rotation has completed, you will receive the same set of designs on a different rotation order.
(Made in Japan, Korea and Australia)

Limited Collection

The number indicated in the signs shows the total number of patterns included in the collection. A different designs/ colours within the collection will be delivered upon ordering until you have collected all the patterns in the collection. Please leave the delivery order to Felissimo.
For instance, if ( 12 ) is indicated in the signs, which means there are 12 patterns in this collection.

  • *For season limited products, out-of-stock might be occurred.

More details

  • 綿ローンやレーヨンなどの薄い生地5~6種類を使って。透け感や、やわらかな色合いが魅力。ちりめん布とはまた違ったさわやかな風合いに。




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CollectionOnce a month. FELISSIMO will choose the design and color for you. Feels like receiving a surprise gift.

Felissimo collection and enjoy the happiness of collection each month
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