FELISSIMO released the world's first collection of as many as 500 colored pencils in 1992. Since then, more than 100,000 sets have sold in 55 countries across the globe. FELISSIMO 500 Colored Pencils is now available in an all new collection made in Japan.

500 all new, breathtaking colors.

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The original FELISSIMO 500 Colored Pencils made a splash across the globe. Now it's available in an all new collection made in Japan, featuring even better color payoff, subtle expressions of gradations of color, and smooth glide, with the addition of fluorescent and metallic colors.
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FELISSIMO give the sale authorization of the 500 colored pencils to M&G corporation in China mainland. Therefore, the Volume discount Price can not be used in China mainland. About the sale and promotion policy in China mainland, please contact M&G corporation.


FELISSIMO 500 colored pencils "TOKYO SEEDS"

■Set contents / 20 colored pencils , Pencil case , Information card , craftpaper
■Materials / colored pencils : Natural wood (incense cedar grown in North America, wooden processed in China) , pencil case : polypropylene , information card & paper craft : paper
■Size / colored pencils : length 17.5cm , pencil case : 12×18.5×2cm
※This pencil needs to use the pencil sharpner over 11mm diameter.
■This product has 25 designs. Product will be delivered once a month. Colour will be decided by Felissimo.
※The wax-based lead may soften or melt and leak. The axis may be inflated and broken.  Avoid storing in places that high-humidity environment or expose the product to direct sunlight or high temperatures, such as in vehicles and near heating appliances.

※About the order of sending it, leave it to FELISSIMO.
※By ordering one time, we will automatically send you the products for 25 months. You do not need to place order every month 
※No order cancellation is accepted.

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For example, if you ordered a subscription product with「25」shown on the mark, products in the subscription collection will be automatically delivered in 25 consecutive months. You do not have to order the product each month.

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Features include the subtle expression of delicate gradations of as many as 500 colors, and the addition of rare colors like fluorescents and metallics.
The pencils arrive in an attractive semi-transparent case convenient for carrying around. Also included in each delivery is an information card containing Japanese names loosely translated from the English, and a craft paper kit as a fun first step to using FELISSIMO 500 Colored Pencils.
Each shade is given a unique name in English that inspires creativity. The name coupled with the color is designed to bring to mind an image and stimulate the imagination. The information card included in each monthly delivery contains loosely translated Japanese names that offer a fun topic of conversation.
The pencils are made in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, mustering the traditions and skills of small factories and artisans in the wards of Katsushika and Arakawa, known for their woodwork industry and clusters of pencil producers.
The lead is manufactured at one of the few surviving colored-lead factories in Japan. The smooth glide and excellent color payoff represent world-class quality made in Japan.
The beautiful foil-stamped matte body is both easy to draw with and easy on the eye when the pencils are displayed as a collection.
Each monthly delivery comes complete with a craft paper kit for coloring and handmaking message cards, wrappers, and small mobiles as a fun first step to using FELISSIMO 500 Colored Pencils.
A set of 20 different colors arrives each month to complete the collection in 25 months. Each set is compiled under a unique theme, like "fun," "home," "tropical," "spring," and "love," building up to the full collection as you enjoy discovering the individual themed sets.
[500 Colored Pencils review by M.I.] The brightness of the colors and the soft feel of the lead against the paper are amazing. It glides as smoothly as a crayon and leaves a reliable, solid deposit of color. The pencils are so fun to use that I could go on drawing forever. The thick lead makes it easy to cover a wide area, too.
[500 Colored Pencils review by S.N.] I like that you can use all 20 colors in a single delivery, and they look beautiful together. I couldn't do this with my other sets, since the outcome was dull. With 500 Colored Pencils, it's fun just to draw simple circles with all the colors because the result is like a piece of art. The lead is resistant to pressure, and the square body allows a strong grip.
[500 Colored Pencils review by Y.Y.] I have the previous collection as well, but it doesn't compare to the soft gliding touch of the new collection. Normally you would need to sharpen soft lead frequently, but this lead is soft and thick, so it takes longer to wear out.


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