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IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会

Discount3 Times Entry

IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会

Product code: 160086


¥2,673 (≈ 19.76$)

¥2,970 (≈ 21.96$)

[ 3 Times Entry Campaign ]
By ordering once, you will enter to 3 times of product subscription.
* 3 Times Entry products can not be cancelled midway.

定期便 Limited Collection




* Please find the size table on the bottom left
If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

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●素材 / 綿52%・ポリエステル48%(抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVカット) ※洗濯機洗い可
※3回のお支払い総額は、¥7,290(+10% ¥8,019)になります。


  • [Notes regarding Subscription and Entry products]
  • Regarding payment method
  • * Only payment by credit card is acceptable. Payment by debit card cannot be accepted.
  • * Payment by Alipay, WeChatPayment cannot be accepted.
  • Regarding Delivery Charges
  • * If the delivery only includes subscription products, delivery charges will be calculated basing the amount of subscription products.
  • * If the delivery includes other regular Collection products, the shipping fee is shown at the time you place an order which is only based on the Collection products to calculate and exclude the subscription products you have ordered. The shipping fee will be recalculated by adding your subscription products before the parcel is ready to be shipped and will refund overcharges on shipping to your credit card.
  • * Depending on the bank account linked to your credit or debit card, a handling fee may apply for processing refunds or amount adjustments. For details, please contact your bank.


FELISSIMO COLLECTION|わきシェードカットソー〈ベーシックカラー〉IE


FELISSIMO COLLECTION|わきシェードかのこカットソーワンピースIE


3 Times Entry

For 3 Times Entry products, products will be sent to your side AUTOMATICALLY in 3 consecutive months by just ordering ONCE. (Any cancellation will not be accepted) (similar to subscription collection)

  • *The price shown is the amount of product per delivery. The amount will be charged every time when the product is ready to be shipped. (We will not charge you for the amount of 3 deliveries in one time)
  • *Please note that for campaigns of which the standard is based on the amount of product price, the First Time Ordering Special price (instead of the regular price) is regarded as the product price. The shipping fee will be calculated by the discounted price.
  • *Due to special reasons, delay or out-of-stock might occur. (If there is any out-of-stock of product, the delivery will be postponed. Yet customer will still receive 3 times deliveries)
  • *Except defective goods, no refund or exchange will be accepted.
  • *If you have ordered the products with 3 Times Entry code number, during the subscription period, you cannot add quantity for the same product by using the original product code number or the same 3 Times Entry code number. (Except for one-pattern collection) If you need to add quantity, please contact our customer service department.
  • *For rotation collection, if you have collected all the patterns in the collection during the subscription period, due to the different sequence of first round and second round delivery, you may receive same pattern of product.
  • *For limited collection, if you have collected all the patterns in the collection during the subscription period, product will not be sent to your side automatically despite of the remaining subscription period.
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¥2,772(≈ 20.50 $)
¥2,970(≈ 21.96 $)

Limited Collection

The number indicated in the signs shows the total number of patterns included in the collection. A different designs/ colours within the collection will be delivered upon ordering until you have collected all the patterns in the collection. Please leave the delivery order to Felissimo.
For instance, if ( 3 ) is indicated in the signs, which means there are 3 patterns in this collection.

  • *For season limited products, out-of-stock might be occurred.

  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会|キャラメルブラウン
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会|ピーコックグリーン
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会|ロイヤルブルー
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会|ポリエステル&綿混[かのこジャージー] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケアを備えた、ドライタッチ綿混のかのこジャージー。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会|袖の中はわきシェード仕様で、チラ見えをガード。 ※お届けするカラーとは異なります。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|IEDIT[イディット] 抗菌防臭・吸汗速乾・UVケア素材がうれしいフレンチスリーブわきシェード かのこカットソートップス〈アクセントカラー〉の会





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