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YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea

YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea

Product code: 412903


¥2,052 (≈ 15.01$)

定期便 Limited Collection

Feel what the wrestlers feel

Sumo wrestlers travel to 6 places in a year for the match. Each place has its own features which make wrestlers' feeling and body condition different. These canned tea features these locations theme and illustration of the sumo opening ceremony. Let's feel the healing powers of wrestlers and enjoy your tea time.

If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

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■Set content / 2g pyramid tea bag x 17
■Size / Can: Diameter 8cm, height 8cm
■Expiry date / within 720 days from manufacturing date (under room temperature)
※The delivery order for each design will be random.
●There are 6 designs in the whole collection. This is a 【Limited Collection】product and will be delivered once a month. Felissimo will send one color/style randomly until you have recieved all the products. Please leave the order of delivery to Felissimo. Delivery will finish once you have all of the items from the collection.
●Please be aware that if you order more than 1 set on the same month, the delivered products will be all the same (same design/pattern/color).
●If you would like to purchase another different pattern, please place a new order after the arrival of last month order. Otherwise, the design/color may be the same.

(Country of origin:Germany・Japan・China)

※This product may be refused entry into some countries and regions due to regulations published by FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration), FSA (The UK Food Standards Agency) or other agencies.If you mistakenly order this product, we may not be able to deliver the other products which you ordered at the same time.

Limited Collection

The number indicated in the signs shows the total number of patterns included in the collection. A different designs/ colours within the collection will be delivered upon ordering until you have collected all the patterns in the collection. Please leave the delivery order to Felissimo.
For instance, if ( 6 ) is indicated in the signs, which means there are 6 patterns in this collection.

  • *For season limited products, out-of-stock might be occurred.

  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|華やかな土俵入りのシーンをティータイムに。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|〈初場所〉サクラティー 一年の幕開けという華やかで凛(りん)とした雰囲気をイメージしたお茶。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|〈大阪場所〉カモミールティー まだまだ冷える季節、体調管理が重要になってくるので、あたたかくてほっこりするようなお茶。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|〈夏場所〉ローズティー 心地よい気候で体調万全に迎える夏場所なので、ダイナミックで華やかな取組をイメージしたお茶。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|〈名古屋場所〉レモンティー 熱気のこもる会場で、少しでも気分を和らげるような涼しげなイメージのお茶。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|〈秋場所〉ペパーミントティー 取組に集中し、夏につけた力を発揮できるよう、さわやかな香りでリフレッシュできるお茶。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|〈九州場所〉べにふうき 九州出身力士への期待が高まり、一年の締めくくりの場所でもあることから、九州に思いをはせる九州産のお茶。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|ティーバッグ17個入り。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Wrestlers Theme Tea|六場所ごとの力士の気持ちに寄り添ったお茶です。




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