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YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case

YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case

Product code: 400359


¥4,290 (≈ 32.15$)

定期便 Limited Collection

Pillow changed to corgi! From now on sleep with corgi every night.


If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

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■Material / Polyester · polyurethane blend Filling & inner fabric: 100% polyester ※machine washable
■Size / Length 32~46cm, width 73~75cm
※Fit with pillows with length 35~43cm and width 55~63cm
●This product has 3 designs. Product will be delivered one time upon your order. Color/design will be decided by Felissimo. You will receive different color if ordering in different month. After you have collected all designs and colors, you are not able to order again.
(Made in China)

Limited Collection

The number indicated in the signs shows the total number of patterns included in the collection. A different designs/ colours within the collection will be delivered upon ordering until you have collected all the patterns in the collection. Please leave the delivery order to Felissimo.
For instance, if ( 3 ) is indicated in the signs, which means there are 3 patterns in this collection.

  • *For season limited products, out-of-stock might be occurred.

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In pick up shop, you can select the colour/design of part of the products in Collection site.

●Important note

Campaigns which are only for pick up shop are not valid for Collection site.
※Campaigns for pick up shop and Collection site can be used in Collection site as well.

  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|〈コギスマイル〉
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|〈コギケツ〉
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|〈コギ腹〉
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|頭とおしりは中わた入りだから、四角い枕を入れても丸いシルエットに。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|びよーんと伸びるから、枕を入れるのもらくらくです。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|ふわふわもっちり!ずっとなでていたい滑らかな微起毛素材。
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|夢のぽよぽよまみれ!
  • FELISSIMO COLLECTION|YOU+MORE! Corgi pillow case|枕カバーに枕カバーを着けてもかわいい。







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