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Cat Paw Smell Handcream (Four-color mini set)

Cat Paw Smell Handcream (Four-color mini set)

Product code: 447365


¥1,940 (≈ 17.72$)

COLLECTION One-pattern


4色の肉球が楽しめる! ミニセットが登場

We know that some customers like enjoying the smell of cat paws and therefore we produced this handcream. We have conducted a survery asking how people feel about the smell of cat paws. And we found out that most people said the smell likes popcorn and here we finished our sweet handcream with a soft texture and pink color. With hyaluronic acid and collagen added, you can trun your hands to soft and lovely cat paws!


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→30 yen of the sales amount will be transferred to "Felissimo Cats Foundation" for cats supporting activities. (Fund amount tax-free)
■Contents / 7g×4cases
■Sales name / NIKUKYU NO KAORI Hand cream mini
■Component / ■Ingredients / Water, dimethicone, butylene glycol, diglycerine, shea butter, orange roughy oil, 、hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen, water-soluble collagen cross polymer, hyaluronic acid cross polymer-Na, high-fructose corn syrup, Allantoin, soldium chloride, (dimethicone/ Vinyl dimethicone) cross polymer, cyclopent siloxanes, (dimethicone/ (PEG-10/15) cross polymer, tocopherol, citric acid, citric acid Na, benzoic acid Na, phenoxyethanol, pentylene glycol, methylparaben, perfume, red 102, DPG,Red 2, yellow 4, yellow 5, black 401
※This product is for human use. Please do not use for cats and pets.
●Product will be delivered one time upon your order. There is only one design for this product.
(Made in Japan)

※Return and refund is not accepted except for damage product.

※This item is unavailable for customer who lives in America because of the FDA rules and Regulations.If your order included these items accidentally, the order might not be delivered.


You will receive the same product every time you place your order.




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