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毎日いやされる リラックマ雑貨コレクションの会


毎日いやされる リラックマ雑貨コレクションの会

Product code: 120539


¥2,052 (≈ 18.74$)

[ 6 Times Subscription Collection ]
By ordering once, you will enter to 6 times of product subscription.
We will deliver one product to you every month (within a period of 6 months), together with other collection products you have ordered.
* 6 Times Subscription products can not be cancelled midway.
* The above price shown is the price for 1 product (price for 1 month delivery).

COLLECTION Half-year Subscription

レッツ♪ リラック・ま…みれ

ゆるかわいいリラックマと仲間たちが、月イチであなたのおうちにこんにちは! バッグにポーチ、ふかふか毛布など、次々届くアイテムは暮らしになじんで癒やし効果もバツグン。がんばる私に、リラックマたちにまみれる至福のひとときをプレゼントしてあげましょう。

If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

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■お届け内容 / キャラクター雑貨1~数点
■素材・サイズ / お届けする内容により異なります。
■サイズ / お届けする内容により異なります。
※半年の総お支払い額は¥11,400(+8% ¥12,312)となります。


・お申し込み期限:2018年11月分まで (新規&再開の方 2018年10月25日まで)

  • [Notes regarding Subscription and Entry products]
  • Regarding payment method
  • * Only payment by credit card is acceptable. Payment by debit card cannot be accepted.
  • * Payment by Alipay, Tenpay, and UnionPay (debit function) cannot be accepted.
  • Regarding Delivery Charges
  • * If the delivery only includes subscription products, delivery charges will be calculated basing the amount of subscription products.
  • * If the delivery includes other regular Collection products, the shipping fee is shown at the time you place an order which is only based on the Collection products to calculate and exclude the subscription products you have ordered. The shipping fee will be recalculated by adding your subscription products before the parcel is ready to be shipped and will refund overcharges on shipping to your credit card.
  • * Depending on the bank account linked to your credit or debit card, a handling fee may apply for processing refunds or amount adjustments. For details, please contact your bank.

Half-year Subscription

Products will be delivered every month within 6 months AUTOMATICALLY by just ordering ONCE. It is not necessary to place order every month. (Cancellation will not be accepted)(Similar to Multiple Subscription)

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