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Felissimo  > Weolcome to FELISSIMO!

はじめての方へ ようこそ!フェリシモへ


FELISSIMO MERRY is a service in which you are awarded points equivalent to one-tenth of the total amount of your purchase.
To check your point balance and exchange your points for a gift, see here



Excitement and surprises once every month!FELISSIMO COLLECTION

Fun to gather one by one mono favorite. Happy to live in the enclosing favorite things. Fun spreads more about continuing to collect.

Select your favourite items among various original brands

The Felissimo, a wide range of general merchandise category, handmade, children's clothing, and underwear from fashion, it offers the original brand.


Different colours and designs of items ordered in the collection will be delivered once a month. Customers can collect all the designs in the collection by placing orders every month.

Excitement & Surprises

"What colour will be delivered?" You will feel absolutely excited every time when you receive your parcel! Please enjoy the surprise that FELISSIMO has prepared for you.

Enjoy collecting your favourite things

Collecting your favourite things one by one by ordering each month!
The more you collect, the happier you are! Fill up
your world with this loveable collection!

Brand Index Introducting  the original brands in the FELISSIMO COLLECTION

Trendy fashion, sundries, DIY kit set, kids clothing, under garments, beauty products, all can be found in the original brand of FELISSIMO. Come and choose your favourite brand!



Elegant women's fashion

Live in comfort

Live in comfort

Cute X comfortable=happy!
Live in comfort every day



Soft & comfy
Daily causal wear



Sweet X Causal fashion and sundries



Your another choice for graceful elegant fashion

Sundry Goods・Handicrafts


Gather everyone's wisdom
and make your everyday life happier



Create your unique little world by making your own things that suit you

Felissimo Kids

Felissimo Kids

Adorable kids clothings and parent-child matching outfits



Beauty from inner to outer
Under garments and home wear


I want to purchase the entire collection at one time.
Felissimo Collection is designed to have you enjoy the process of collecting your favorite things over time and the moment of delight when the entire collection is completed. One color or pattern is delivered once a month from our Collection for this reason.
※If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product in the same color/pattern. By ordering a quantity of 1 for two months, you will receive 2 different kinds of color/pattern.
I want to specify an item from the Collection.
Other than the Just One and One Pattern products, Felissimo Online shops asks that you leave the selection of the design and order for your deliver to us. We are confident that you will be pleased with our selection. Please look forward to the monthly deliveries.
I really liked the item I received last month. Can I receive the same item if I order 2 this month? Or will I receive another design?
You will receive 2 of the same items that differ from the one the previous month. You will receive 2 items that are exactly the same.
※Other than the Just One and One Pattern products, Felissimo Online Shop delivers a different color and pattern every month. If you order 2 items in the same month, you will receive 2 items that are exactly the same. If you are interested in a color or pattern of a different color, please order them one month at a time.
Is there a handling fee?
Yes. Overseas Shipping and Handling Fee is necessary.
Please refer to the Countries/Regions Where Deliveries are Available and Overseas Shipping and Handling Fee sections of the Shopping Guide.
Will there be costs other than the price of the product and Overseas Shipping and Handling Fee?
In some countries/regions there may be other costs such as customs clearance fees and import tax for which the customer is responsible.
Also, some credit card companies charge a fee for overseas payment settlement.
Please refer to About Customs Clearance Procedure and Tariff (Note: Important) sections of the Shopping Guide.
When will the product I ordered arrive?
For new members, or members who are non-continuously ordering in each month, orders will be delivered to your side in 3~4 weeks normally. Yet, you may receive your order a bit earlier depends on the situation of goods.
※ Felissiomo Online Shopping sets the order deadline for the latter half of each month.
From the second order and onwards, if customers place the order on or before the order deadline, your order will be sent out in the end of that month. or before the mid of the next month. (The delivery will be made in advance or delay depends on the situation of goods)
Can items be returned, exchanged, or cancelled?
Your order cannot be cancelled after it is sent. Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted for whatever the customer's reasons.
※If the item is damaged or defective, please contact Global Customer Service.
How do I contact Felissimo about a damaged or defective item/s?
Please contact our Global Customer Service within 10 days after delivery of the item. It will be handled in a case-by-case basis.
Please contact us using the Contact Us Form.
Is payment by credit card only?
International credit cards(Visa/ Master Card/American Express/JCB), Alipay, Tenpay, or Union pay payment are accepted.
※Alipay,Tenpay, or Union pay may not be used for payment of Subscription Products, neither at the time of registering for the Subscription Product nor during the subscription period. Please refer to About Payment of the Shopping Guide.

Contact usinfo_gc@felissimo.co.jpinfo_gc@felissimo.co.jp