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What is “Merry Pont”?

“Merry Point” is a point system in which the points are accumulated through your purchase every month. With these points, you can redeem special gifts designed by our Felissimo’s most popular designers. And we keep updating the present list on our website.

Moreover, you can support social service activities by donating your points to our fund programs. Once, there were customers who mentioned that they would like to use Merry Point to help those who are suffering due to circumstances such as war and poverty. As a result, Felissimo started this project in which we founded fund programs that contribute to different social services. We would make monetary donation in the amount that is equivalent to the points donated by customers to different foundations around the world.

How to calculate Merry Point?

Base on your order, the Merry Point that you can get will be 1/10 of the total amount you have purchased.

Under any circumstances, when you return an item, we will deduct your points accordingly.

the Merry Point that you can get will be 1/10 of the total amount you have purchased.

How to know how many Merry Points I have?

You can verify the amount of your points according to
the “MERRY POINT (mr)” written on the invoice “お届け明細書”

Merry Point are sorted
by deadlines

This tells you how many points you have until each deadline as well as the total points that you have currently.

Information of the deduction and increase of Merry Point

Merry Point Deadline

Merry Points are automatically added to each member’s account in the delivery month.
Merry Point are valid through end of December of the third year, starting from the year in which you receive the points. Your points will be considered invalid once they ass the specific deadline.

For instance, if you purchased in January and October in 2018,
the points you earned from these purchases will both be valid until end of December 2021.

How to redeem presents?

In order to redeem your presents, you must place an order at the same time.
(of which your order must include products besides of Merry Point presents.
You cannot only order Merry Point present in your purchase.)

Redeeming Through Website

  • All you need to do is choose your favourite present and put them into our shopping cart by clicking “Add to Shopping Bag” while you are ordering other items.


  • The presents that you have redeemed will be delivered together with products that you have purchased.
  • Please note that delay or out-of-stock might be occurred due to accumulation of order. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Special Note for Redeeming presents

  • Please verify that you already have enough Merry Point in your account before redeeming presents. We do not accept redemption under insufficient points; even when presents are being ordered, the redemption will be considered as invalid if you do not have enough Merry Point in your account.
  • Presents CANNOT be redeemed without ordering other products. Please order the presents together with products other than Merry Point presents.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges on any presents besides defective products.
  • Merry Point must be used before its deadline.
  • Merry Point are under each separate member account. Points from 2 or more accounts cannot be combined.
  • Please noted that there might be changes on the designs. Also, due to the production factor, there may be chances that presents are unable to be delivered. Thank you very much for your consideration.
  • If the present is out-of-stock, we will return the Merry Point to your account.

Little Tips on Collecting Merry Point

WEB Merry

WEB Merry


You can get 50 merry by placing order through website.




You can earn 100 bonus merry points by simply finish collecting the entire collection of 3 Times Limited Collection or 6 Time Limited Collections.

※Merry Point may be gained by other special campaign as well.


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