Beware of fake and fraudulent websites

Beware of fake and fraudulent websites

■Attempts have been made to defraud Internet shoppers by the unauthorized use of the DHL name and brand via websites, SMS, email communications and graphics which appear, on the surface, to have originated from DHL. Please note that they are not related to DHL and Felissimo. Please be aware and be careful about this kind of fraudulent websites and emails.→Learn more

■Beware of fake coupon websites

We have recently received some cases of fake coupons which were displayed by searching "FELISSIMO coupon" on search engines. We are not able to offer any discounts on it. Please be aware and be careful about this kind of fake coupon websites.

■Chinese Manufacturers of Counterfeit Goods Infringing on FELISSIMO's Product Copyrights Have Been Publicly Disclosed and Penalized!

Copyright infringement caused by sale of applied arts products (practical items) counterfeiting original “FELISSIMO NEKOBU™” products result in cease and desist orders and imposition of fines.

FELISSIMO CORPORATION (Head office: Chuo-ku, Kobe; Representative: Kazuhiko Yazaki) had filed a request for public disclosure of a Chinese manufacturer engaged in counterfeiting original “FELISSIMO NEKOBU™” products and copyright infringement. We are pleased to announce that on March 30, 2021, the "Yangzhou City General Law Enforcement Task Force for Applied Arts" has issued a cease and desist order and imposed a fine.

This comes just before July 22, the day we commemorate the establishment of the Japanese "Copyright System". There has been an increase in copyright infringements of FELISSIMO's original products resulting from design counterfeiting. Concerning this matter, we took action with regard to copyright infringement of the “NYANKO FRUITS TART” (Cushion where cats can sleep, shaped like a fruit-garnished sweet (tart)) and the “NYANKO ROLL CAKE TUNNEL” (Cosy tunnel-like retreat where cats can dream, shaped like a cream-filled roll cake). Both are original “FELISSIMO NEKOBU™” products. We went through procedures with the Chinese authorities on the grounds of copyright infringement of applied arts (practical items) which eventually led to the public disclosure of the perpetrators.

~ Outline of the Facts Regarding the Public Disclosure ~

・Products concerned

Two counterfeit pet bed products.


We have confirmed the fact that the above products are often being sold not through official sales channels but rather through domestic and international internet mail-order businesses (including shopping sites, flea market sites, and auction sites). With regard to the "NYANKO FRUITS TART", since 2018, we have been filing petitions with the Japanese Customs and Tariff Bureau seeking an import injunction on the grounds of protection of our design rights and have pushed waterfront crackdowns in addition to suspension of sales through internet mail-order businesses (shopping sites, etc.) in each case. However, since the counterfeiting of our products is becoming increasingly widespread not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world, we have filed a request for the public disclosure of the manufacturers involved. This time, the public disclosure was justified because by holding the copyrights to our original products we also own the copyrights to the related applied arts products (practical items). Recently, the "Yangzhou City General Law Enforcement Task Force for Applied Arts" decided to treat our stuffed toys as works of applied arts, and the public disclosure was carried out based on the copyright of applied arts.

・Details about the original and the counterfeit Products

♦Product name: “NYANKO FRUITS TART” (Cushion where cats can sleep, shaped like a fruit-garnished sweet (tart))


For more product details please visit>>

<Original product>


<Example of counterfeit products>

The fruit garnish is not fixed to the bed body and there are differences in the shape and color of the tart's side-parts.


♦ Product name: “NYANKO ROLL CAKE TUNNEL”, (Cosy tunnel-like retreat where cats can dream and which is shaped like a cream-filled roll cake)


For more product details please visit>>

<Original product>


<Example of counterfeit products>


Both the design of the strawberries and the color of the roll cake are different from our authentic product. The powdered sugar on the roll cake is either missing or sprinkling effect is different. The fidelity of the cross section of the roll cake and the drawing of the fruit are different as well.

Illegal activities such as the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products constitute a serious obstacle to the development of a healthy society. The recent years have seen not only a sharp increase in brand counterfeiting, but also in design counterfeiting just like in the present case. We at FELISSIMO are committed to creating a society where people can find happiness through sharing happiness. So we will not only take a firm stance against the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products to protect our original designs but will also continue to take measures to prevent our customers from being deceived or left in doubt so that they can use our products with peace of mind. If you wish to purchase FELISSIMO products, we strongly recommend that you visit the official FELISSIMO website or any of the FELISSIMO-operated or authorized stores.


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