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Turn yourself to a cat! Cat Style Five Toes Pads

Turn yourself to a cat! Cat Style Five Toes Pads

Product code: 459964


¥1,056 (≈ 9.27 $)

COLLECTION Rotation Collection


Love cats so much! Let me turn my feet into cat feet!

This cat feet designed pad can separate your toes and make you feel comfortable! Let's turn yourself to a cat and enjoy the relaxing time. Besides pink color, there are also other colors for the cat paw part!

If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

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→29 yen of the sales amount will be transferred to "Felissimo Cats Foundation" for cats supporting activities. (Fund amount tax-free)
■Material / Polyester, cotton, polyurethane Antislip part: PVC resin (non phthalate plasticizer used) ※ Machine washable
■Size / Size 22.5~25cm
※Pattern distribution might vary depending on individual product.
※Due to material properties, you might see some bubbles and color blur at the anti-slippery parts.
●This product has 6 designs. Product will be delivered one time upon your order. Colour/design will be decided by Felissimo. You will receive different color if ordering in different month. If you continue ordering after the rotation has completed, you will receive the same set of designs on a different rotation order.
(Made in China)

Rotation Collection

A different pattern of product in the collection will be randomly delivered to your side. If you place order again after collecting all the patterns in the collection, you will receive the same pattern which has been sent to you. (The delivery sequence of second round will be different from the first round) Please leave the delivery sequence to Felissimo. (similar to limited collection)

More details

  • 猫のムニュッとした手をイメージ♪
  • 5本の指を出せば、まるで猫のつめがにゅっと出てきたときみたい♪
  • 猫の肉球もしっかりと再現。ぷにぷにの質感がたまりません♪




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CollectionOnce a month. FELISSIMO will choose the design and color for you. Feels like receiving a surprise gift.

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