Let's send these handmade dolls to children all over the world!

Sending handmade dolls as smile ambassadors to children all over the world ? Felissimo Happy Toys Project.
Happy Toys, which come in a different theme each year, are the ones who bring laughters to the children. All the dolls created by their makers from all over the world are exhibited in different places, and then sent to children around the world as gifts. Are you too interested in joining this project supported by the warmth of “handmade”?


1.Let's make Happy Toys How to join creation of Happy Toys

Order and purchase the special participation kit;
send your doll to Felissimo upon completion.

You can purchase this kit from every corner in the world! After you finish making the doll at home, please send it by post to the following address. Felissimo will give your doll to the children around the world.

> Order the kit here!

Destination 〒651-8525 〒654-0161
2-7 , Yasakadai, Suma-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Ltd. Felissimo Happy Toys Department

※ Please fill TEL: 0570-024-231 to the delivery note

2.Exhibition Hosting Happy Toys exhibitions all over the world

3.Donate to Children Finally, we will send these dolls to children around the world

According to relevant staff, we have had received more than 51,000 Happy Toys until now. 57 countries, including Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Syria, Honduras, Vietnam, Tajikistan, are all donation destinations of these Happy Toys.
We hope Happy Toys can bring love and concern to those children suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Patchwork Doll

Use your own cloths to make your unique Happy Toy! For beginners, kit with materials included will suit you. Enjoy the stitching work!

Cheerful puppy Patchwork Doll Kit(cutting patterns included)

Make with the cloths filled with memories♪

Cheerful puppy Patchwork Doll Kit
(cutting patterns included)

540 yen per set

Cheerful puppy Patchwork Doll Kit(Materials included)

Materials included; get started easily!

Cheerful puppy Patchwork Doll Kit
(Materials included)

2,160 yen per set

Crochet Doll

For those who like knitting, we recommend these crocheting sets. Beginners can choose the kit with all materials included. Feel the warmth while making the crochet doll!

Cheerful puppy Crochet Doll Kit(cutting patterns included)

Crochet with your yarn that has been sleeping in your house♪

Cheerful puppy Crochet Doll Kit
(cutting patterns included)

540 yen per set

Cheerful puppy Crochet Doll Kit(Materials included)

Yarns included; get started right away!

Cheerful puppy Crochet Doll Kit
(Materials included)

2,700 yen per set

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