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High-quality pencil body proudly made in Japan
The wooden pencil body is made in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, mustering the wisdom and skills of traditional small factories and artisans in the wards of Katsushika and Arakawa, known as the hub of the national woodwork industry. The generous square form that is easy to hold and draw with, the 3.5 mm thick lead that glides smoothly, and the beautiful foil-stamped matte body represent world-class quality made in Japan.
Sets of 20 colors produced by reservation and delivered monthly
FELISSIMO 500 Colored Pencils are produced by reservation, little by little at the hands of artisans. A palette arrives every month, each with a unique theme like “spring”,“fun”,“home” and “party”. The collection includes special palettes such as fluorescent, metallic, pastel, and very dark colors. Complete the whole collection over a period of 25 months, and gain the magnificent experience of a lifetime.
Each monthly delivery comes complete with a craft paper kit for coloring

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FELISSIMO has authorized to M&G corporation to sell our 500 colored pencils in Mainland China. Thus, the Volume discount Price is unavailable in Mainland China. Related to the sale and promotion policy in Mainland China, please contact M&G corporation directly.