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" Beauty, that I would miss "

  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"
  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"
  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"
  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"
  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"
  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"
  • "Beauty, that I would miss" "Beauty, that I would miss"




200 YEARS Finlayson Finlayson×FELISSIMO


Organized by Finlayson Oy / FELISSIMO CORPORATION
Supported by Embassy of Finland
Sponsored by Adobe Co., Ltd.


The competition is now closed.


Finland time

11:59PM, Friday, 31 July 2020

Japan time

5:59AM, Saturday,1st August 2020

About the Competition

Celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, Finlayson is a leading design company in Finland with roots in social responsibility, innovation and striking design. In its early days, Finlayson rapidly became the largest industrial company in the Nordics with its own church, hospital, school and fire brigade. Finlayson was the first company in Finland to employ women and offer them an opportunity for an independent livelihood. Finlayson continues to bear responsibility for our society by focusing on sustainable business and taking a firm stand on behalf of a better world.

As part of the Finlayson’s 200th Anniversary, this textile design competition is open to residents in both Finland and Japan.
The winning designs will be stored in Finlayson’s design archive and will have a chance to be used for production in Finland and overseas.

Entry theme

" Beauty, that I would miss "

There are many things worth protecting in this world, for example, a child's smile, morning dew, love, and migrating birds, to name but a few. However, for different reasons, their existence is often at risk.

To celebrate their 200th anniversary, Finlayson has created a special collection that takes its inspiration from the museum archives of Forssa and Tampere, which display large, powerfully expressive 1970's designs. The message of the anniversary collection is to remind people not to lose all the beautiful things we have accomplished together.

This design competition is aimed at discovering the beautiful things around us that are worth nurturing and protecting so that we can pass them on to future generations.

"Beauty, that I would miss"
in your own way through textile design.

Details of entry

An unpublished,
repeated textile design pattern(Limited to original flat works)


Two grand prize winners will be selected.

  • 1

    The designs of the two grand prize winners will be commercialized and sold as Finlayson × FELISSIMO collaboration items.
    (Scheduled products include dresses, tops, skirts, bags, etc.)(Scheduled for the 2021 spring & summer collection)

    Illustrative impression
    of commercialization

    Illustrative impression of commercialization Illustrative impression of commercialization

    *The design image is used for illustrative purposes. It may be slightly different from what is commercialized.

  • 2

    Winning designs may be used for Finlayson’s collection and sold both in Finland and overseas.
  • 3

    The winning designs along with the names of the designers will be stored in Finlayson’s archive for the next 200 years.
  • 4

    Prize 1000€


  • Finlaysondesign

  • Chairman of jury

    KurttilaCreative Director of
    Finlayson Oy

  • FELISSIMOdesign

Announcement of Result

Winners will be notified in mid-November 2020.

*Until the product is commercialized, we are unable to confirm what the finished product will look like. We appreciate your understanding.

Entry Requirements

Residents in Japan or in Finland,
  • 1

    Persons who are
    studying design

  • 2

    Persons who
    work in design

  • 3

    Persons who
    have skills
    equivalent to
    1. or 2. above.

*Persons who can communicate via e-mail in either Japanese or English.

*Regardless of nationality and age, the application of entrants under 16 years old must be made by an adult on their behalf.

*Entrants can enter as many designs as they wish.

Rules on Works

About repetition
Vertical repetition pitch
It is OK if the pitch can be divided evenly into “635mm”, such as the maximum pitch of 635 mm (25 inch), 158.75 mm (6.25 inch), or 317.5 mm (12.5 inch).
Horizontal repetition pitch
Any pitch is OK as long as it is a repeated pattern.
(The fabric width will be about 1500 mm.)
About resolution A resolution of 350 dpi or more is recommended.
About image format

Please submit your application in JPG format. If your design is in analog form, convert your design into data by scanning it.

Only those who have passed the preliminary selection (provisional decision) are asked to submit their data in the Illustrator format (.ai), Photoshop format (.psd), or tiff format (.tif) from early September to mid-September 2020. If we are unable to contact you at this time or if you do not submit the data, you will not be selected.

About design

Please make sure to enter with an unpublished original work created by yourself.

Examples of the main prohibited items Clippings of books and magazines Use of a collection of materials Use of model photos, etc.
  • Partial use of other people's designs
  • Clippings from books and magazines
  • A collection of materials for which commercial use is prohibited
  • Use of model photos, etc.
  • When creating works such as collages, please use all original materials, such as your own illustrations, embroidery, pressed flowers, etc. Do not use anything that violates the rights of others, such as lace or textiles.
  • Adobe Illustrator

    For your designs, Adobe Illustrator

    For your designs, you can use for instance Adobe Illustrator to create some stylish and cute textile designs.

  • Adobe Capture

    Easy patterns on your smartphone!

    Create your own custom patterns with Adobe Capture's pattern builder.


Please read the following Terms of Entry and then enter using the form.
Terms of EntryThere is also a statement about copyright. Please make sure to read it.
  • Make sure to enter with an unpublished original work created by you yourself.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use whole or parts of (including use as a material) a design, photograph, material, etc., for which a third party has rights (copyright, trademark, image rights, etc.) without the permission of the party concerned. Entries for which the granting of permission cannot be proven will be treated as having not been granted permission. Your work must not violate good manners, be unethical, insulting or against legislation in Finland or in Japan.
  • Winning designs that violate the terms above may be withdrawn. We will also not be involved in any problems that arise with third parties due to any violation.
  • Entrants are asked to bear the actual expenses (production costs etc.) associated with their application.
  • Submitted works (data) will not be returned. The same applies if you apply after the deadline.
  • If you are under 16 years old, you cannot apply by yourself. Have a guardian or someone deemed an adult under the laws of your country of residence to apply on your behalf. Also, entrants deemed a minor (16 years old or older) under the laws of your country of residence, must apply with their guardian’s consent.
  • Rights related to the winning works (copyright and all other rights related thereto, except those that cannot be transferred by law) shall be assigned and belong to Finlayson Oy at the time the winner receives the award hereto. (A transfer agreement must be entered into in writing at the time the work is selected as a winner of the competition hereto.)
  • The rights of designs that pass the first screening will be kept by the applicant, but they may be used to promote this competition and finished products by including them in Felissimo and Finlayson’s catalogs or on Felissimo and Finlayson’s websites, etc. By submitting their work, entrants will be deemed to have agreed to free use of their work.
  • When commercializing the winning designs, we may request corrections or changes to the design or make adjustments for production purposes. If changes are required, we will let the winning entrants know when we notify them that they have won.
  • For winning entries, refrain from manufacturing or selling products based on the winning entry, or transferring the winning entry to a third party.
  • Finlayson and Felissimo will decide on the types of items to be commercialized.
  • Winners may be interviewed for or asked to appear on websites or in catalogs.
  • Personal information provided by applicants when submitting their application is intended to be used for communication purposes such as notifying entrants of the award and commercialization processes.
  • We cannot respond to inquiries about the screening process.
  • Employees of Finlayson and Felissimo and their family members are not allowed to enter the competition.

The competition is now closed.
Thank you for the large number of entries.