Couturier new catalog campaign


<How to redeem the offer>

Simply enter "910023" in the campaign code
field on the order entry screen.

 【Notice】 !! Please read carefully !!

  • * During the campaign period, members can only apply for one at one time.
  • * This campaign is only available for Couturier website goods.
  • * If there are many members apply, there might have delayed or change to the substitute for delivery.
  • * When purchase the special price items, it will be calculated the amount after discount.
  • * The campaign is valid till 31st MAR 2018.
  • * This campaign is only for Collection but not for pick up shop.



  • English
  • 中文繁體
  • 中文簡体
  • 한국어
  • 日本語



CollectionOnce a month. FELISSIMO will choose the design and color for you. Feels like receiving a surprise gift.

Felissimo collection and enjoy the happiness of collection each month
Felissimo Collection

pick up shopA shopping site which you can choose your favourite designs! Deliver in 5~12 days after ordering!

Ways to enjoy shopping with Felissimo pick up shop
pick up shop
Ways to enjoy shopping with Felissimo pick up shop

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