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2014.12.19Convenient sundries that add colours to your life! Japan useful sundries ranking.
2014.12.18Felissimo shop in Tokyo has been opened! Promotion campaign has been started! Please visit us if you have time!
2014.12.18Felissimo Happy special sets have been arrived! Each set are in super valuable price! This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts.
2014.12.17New products has arrived !!
2014.12.16Since it is Japan holiday during 28th Dec 2014~4th Jan 2015, customer service will be suspended during the said period. Service will resume from 5th Jan 2015 and it might take around one week for us to reply your inquiry. Thank you for your attention.
2014.12.16Useful sundries always keep you warm! Indoor & Outdoor warm little sundries.
2014.12.16Collection of the most unique and loveliest sundries and fashion items of Felissimo
2014.12.10Stylish lady Don't miss out!IEDIT Winter New arrival!
2014.12.10&myera Winter collection now on sale!
2014.12.10“Japan trendy fashion coordination for mature ladies” – Niau fashion site, open!!
2014.12.09Oriental Daily and Economic Journal introduced some winter goods and traditional japanese wares!
2014.12.03New products has arrived !!
2014.12.01Recommendation for Winter coordination! SUNNY CLOUDS LOOK BOOK.
2014.11.26New products has arrived !!
2014.11.20Get your winter coat in special price by ordering one or more items in haco no.41!
2014.11.19New products has arrived !!
2014.11.11Choose the colour & design that you like!

A lot of new arrivals has been updated!
2014.11.11haco. Winter collection has been updated!
2014.11.11Sunny clouds Winter new arrival.
2014.11.11Live in comfort Winter collection has arrived!
2014.11.11New arrival for syrup winter collection
2014.10.29New products has arrived !!
2014.10.22Fall winter collection for ladies' underwear was updated
2014.10.22Useful autumn winter sundries has been added!
2014.10.15New arrival for Autumn Winter kids fashion!Let's prepare new clothes for children!
2014.10.15New products has arrived !!
2014.10.08New items of kitchen utensils have been updated Moreover some of the sundries are now selling at special price!
2014.10.01New products has arrived !!
2014.09.29【Important note】To our valuable Taiwan customers: Regarding to the shipment of catalog in parcel
2014.09.25Everyday housework can be done so easily! Special feature for useful housework sundries
2014.09.25New products has arrived !!
2014.09.17Several new collection of kids fashion has been updated!
2014.09.16More new products has been updated! 10% discount offer special campaign!
2014.09.10【Media Coverage】《3 Weekly Magazine》 introduced some ano:ne school style fashion! Click here for product details.
2014.09.10Stylish mature style for lady! IEDIT Autumn New Collection!
2014.09.10Stay happy & stylish! Live in comfort Autumn New Arrival!
2014.09.10and myera Autumn new collection has been updated!
2014.09.10More and more lovely sundries has been added!
2014.08.28【Media Coverage】Hong Kong 《3 Weekly Magazine》 introduced some kids party pajamas! Click here for product details.
2014.08.25New arrival for illustration program! Animal illustration program!
2014.08.22New arrival for lovely sundries subscription collection!
Time limited~Choose a little gift for yourself~
2014.08.20A series of clothing which suits for summer and autumn is now in special valuable price!
2014.08.20Free digital magazines for haco., syrup and sunny clouds updated!
2014.08.11【Media Coverage】3 Weekly Magazine (Hong Kong) introduced

ano:ne products! Click here for product details.
2014.08.07Renewal for autumn collection ★
2014.08.07Sunny clouds autumn series has been updated!
2014.08.07Sweet & adorable. syrup autumn collection new arrival ♪
2014.08.04Summer kids'garment in special prices have been updated!
2014.08.01haco. Special valuable set has been released!

Including all the items you need in this summer★
2014.07.30【NEW ARRIVAL】
Part of the new collections of sunny clouds and other brands has been released!★
2014.07.28Felissimo online shop (global)
website temporary suspension notice
2014.07.23【NEW ARRIVAL】
A lot of "First time ordering special" fashion and sundries items have been added★
2014.07.17Adorable twins from Taipei, Taiwan have published their first photobook.
They wear cute and pink clothing from ano:ne for this extremely
hot summer! Please check the details at the felissimo facebook page.
2014.07.16【NEW ARRIVAL】
Selected summer collection of IEDIT and Live in comfort is now in first time ordering special price!
2014.07.10New products has arrived !!
2014.06.30【To Hong Kong customers who place order by using fax order form】
We are going to undergo system maintenance on 8 July (Tues). Therefore, we could not process your fax order during 9:00~18:00(HKT) on 8 July.Kindly avoid to fax your order during the above period. We are sorry for any convenience caused and thank you very much for your kind understanding.
2014.06.18New products has arrived !!
2014.04.16New products has arrived !!
2014.02.20Please click here for details of overseas shipping &handling fee
2014.02.19New products has arrived !!
2014.02.18【To customers of Mainland China】
2014.02.18【To customers of Korea】
2014.02.07The latest fashion of haco. has been updated!
2014.02.07Casual comfy new collection of SUNNY CLOUDS is now on sale~
2014.02.072014 Spring collection has been released♪
2014.02.05New ukiyoe style cat products are now available!
2014.01.20【Important】Notice for changes in regulation of“Shipping and Handling fee”
2013.12.05NEW function! Members now can check the delivery status and order history through "My Page"~


Peace By Peace Cotton project

Peace By Peace Cotton project

Support organic cotton and save the world



Adorable sundries selected by artists

Practice makes perfect! Come and become illustration master! SIMPLE! Illustration Lesson Program

Animal Illustration

Animal illustration can be so easy! 300 Lovely animal illustration practice program



Precious Warm Gift. Handmade knit kit set

Sunny clouds

Sunny clouds autumn series has been updated!

SUNNY CLOUDS★Sunny clouds autumn series has been updated!


Cat Club

Spend every day happily with cat goods~



Fall/Winter coordination for Kids

Practice makes perfect! Come and become illustration master! SIMPLE! Illustration Lesson Program


Practice makes perfect! Come and become illustration master! SIMPLE! Illustration Lesson Program

500 Colour Pencils beloved by more than 6 million people around the world


500 Colour Pencils beloved by more than 6 million people around the world

慢慢练习~你也可以变成绘画高手! 超简单!可爱插图练习计划


Get prepared for winter ★First time ordering special for Winter Series


Zakkai shokai

Get your favourite sundries in special valuable price!


Winter Knit Collection

Recommendation for Winter! Warm & Comfy knit top!



Adorable dreamy cosplay series~